App is getting rejected from apple because of design spam

Hi Raywenderlich Team,

Apple has rejected my app because of design spam.Its a Trading app and we submitted app previously also for one of our client.

Now when submitting app for different client with same code base but we are changing the logos, app icon and launch screen and other things but keeping the functionality same.

Can you please guide me in resolving this and what else i should change so that i can proceed.


Have you resolve this problem? We also had rejected similar app.

Hi @nikesh

I don’t think there is anything you can do but change the functionality of the app, or make global changes to it’s design.
You can get lucky and get one or two releases of the same app (because of the human factor), but it will be inconsistent as Apple doesn’t allow things like this.


Apple app review team become mad suddenly and sending the same message to everyone. They are checking codebase now by their internal tools. If that matched they rejecting app by showing 4.3 guideline.