Any Tutorials on working with Old Apps that use XIB and Swift?

Hi, I am refactoring a Bluetooth Low Energy example from Nordic Semic that has the all of the Bluetooth stuff in it already and connects to the firmware in their System on a Chip (SoC) Bluetooth Low Energy ICs. We are allowed to refactor the code and use it as long as we follow the license agreement. My question is: are there any tutorials using XIB/Swift? I am not familiar with this type of development.

Hi @blueskyiot! If you have a pro subscription you can check out chapter 2.2 on using Xibs in the Auto Layout by Tutorials book. There is also a video course titled Demystifying Views in iOS that go over Nib files.


@blueskyiot Thanks very much for your question!

Have you considered doing your UI in code as well, and avoid xib files altogether? There are many benefits of doing your UI in code as well, and if you are comfortable working in code already, this might be a viable option.

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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