Announcing Our Newest Book — Real-World Android by Tutorials! |

Take your Android skills to the next level and get solutions to the hard, real-world problems you face every day as an Android developer in our newest book, Real-World Android by Tutorials!

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This is great. Any plans to release a similar themed book for iOS as well?

Rumour has it that we’ll be kicking it off soon! What would you like to see in a Real-World iOS book?

This has proven to be an outstanding, insightful book thus far (working my way through it). An iOS equivalent would be amazing. Is there any intent on the team to expand into writing books germane to JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Vue/Angular/React) or SQL?

Hey @vargas - the iOS equivalent is definitely something we plan to kick off in the very near future. We’re also looking at expanding more into server-side/JS elements. What things in particular would you like to see with Vue.js/RN/Angular etc books? What problems in particular would they solve?

And as a former DBA, SQL is near and dear to my heart! :heart: Not sure if that’s on the plan, though, but what would you envision? Like a deep dive into index or platform optimizations for certain scenarios, or a broader overview?

@chrisrazeware That’s great to hear on the iOS front. I like the idea of a continuation of the ‘Real-World’ tutorial scenarios for other topics (e.g. Vue.js, SQLite/PostgreSQL RDBMS, .NET). While the focus appears bent more towards the intermediate/advanced developer, I find the strategic, holistic approach towards realistic scoping and architecting of a project (or subproject) through a platform very pragmatic and useful. There is also an opportunity for beginners to learn a lot through practice and example. It looks like you all have a great template for a continuation of this series.

Hm…I’d say I want to learn more about architecture and usage of programming principles/design patterns in a real-world app. Also implementing complex functionality like syncing with a backend database and all.