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I am most excited about and looking forward to SwiftUI by Tutorials!!!

I am super excited to learn about SWIFT UI by tutorials, it seems the future of IOS :D!! UJU!!

I’m really excited about the SwiftUI book!

Hey there,

After a long hiatus, I’m coming back to the game to ensure my 2 main indie apps stay live on the AppStore, therefore, I’m most excited by…SWIFTUI BY TUTORIALS !

Swift UI
Thanks guys for the opportunity to learn from the best

Looking forward to the swift UI book! Also the git book is a nice touch! May have to check it out

Definitely looking forward to the Combine book!

I’m really excited about the SwiftUI book!

I am most excited about and looking forward to Combine book!!!

Definitely Combine, I can wait a bit for SwiftUI to be ready for prime time but I want to get my hands on Combine ASAP.

As with most people, really excited about the Swift UI book, but Combine is an interesting topic too.

I am most excited about SwiftUI by Tutorials!

I’m looking forward to Swift UI by Tutorials.

I’m most excited about “Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift” and “Mastering Git by Tutorials”

Really excited for SwiftUI! Can’t complain about less code. :stuck_out_tongue:

SwiftUI is incredibly exciting! Thank you all for doing what you do.

I’m looking forward to Combine with SwiftUI That is a great Combine…lol

I’m excited for swift UI

I am most excited about iOS- Test Driven Development