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So many amazing surprises!

I remember that when I studied vector calculus and multiple integrals at school I always struggled with finding the intersection between two surfaces because I couldn’t picture in my head how the functions behaved. I used to make a rough sketch of them but my drawings were pretty bad :smile: . I’d like trying building an app that can graph functions using AR so that you can see surfaces from all directions. I believe Geogebra has already done this but I’d like to try doing it as a challenge.

Hi! Thanks for the great AR related content! It’s going to help me create a location based real estate app :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! Thanks for the great AR related content! It’s going to help me create a reseller app where people can try on the products on their phones before buying them.

I would love to create something like social media app in AR, I want to learn AR so so so badly

Wao. Super excited for the AR/VR Week. I would love to dive into the AR/VR and make an ecommerce application. Like which allows user to check out wearables before purchasing.

And Thank you very much for the amazing content that you are producing continuously.

Long Live All Team Members!

I would like to create a platform game for kids. Thanks a lot for the content!

I’d like to create an inventory app in VR. After you typing the goods in, the app can be handy when you are trying to find the very specific item.

Hi, guys! Thank you for another great set of the tutorials.

I would like to learn techniques to create apps for the educational purposes. Like visualizing math problems or physics processes in the AR and/or VR.

Dear Raywenderlich,
Thank you so much for all your great tutorials!!! :grin:
Besides focus on android app developing, I m selling dress online too.
Im always want to build a smart app that can let buyer smart virtually wear the dress!! “Try and test” before they buy online.
I believe combine the VR and AI technology, this can achieve.
Sadly, I have very less knowledge about VR,… I need to start learning now…:muscle::hugs:

So much great content ! would love to finally build my AR festival experience !

Awesome bundles!
I’d like to create a virtual pet care so you can play and see animals in your own room.

Thanks for the free content!
I would like to recreate the raywenderlich web in AR so badly :wink:

Thank you so much for all the work put into these tutorials! I have always wanted to build an AR ping system since I played Co-op Portal years ago. Still so much to learn and so much to try!

What would you most like to build in AR or VR, and why?

I work for Medtronic Diabetes, as the Principal iOS Architect, I would like to use AR/VR in communicating the best food choices to diabetics in a fun & unique way … that hopefully helps them to make better choices. We are creating an artificial Pancreas using the iPhone & insulin pump and a Glucose sensor… helping the diabetics with our iPhone app will be away of showing how there food choices will affect their glucose and blood sugars… Having an AR/VR module that is teaching them the consequences of their choices would be great.

Thanks so much for creating this content. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can about AR!

My grand AR vision I’ve wanted to have for years is a community AR platform where people can create location-based ‘missions’ for others to download and play through, sort of like a scavenger hunt. The idea being it would be a fun low cost group activity, and an interesting way for tourists visiting to play through a curated gamified tour of an area. :slight_smile:

I would like to build a AR cooking app to assist people with cooking by visualizing the instructions in 3D.

Woot - AR/VR Swift content week
My AR app would be on navigating Internal spaces, and finding objects of interests

I keep misplacing things, and an app to keep track of where I put certain important things
As well as pointers on what specific things to do

I would like to create an AR that could turn a driving range into famous holes for golf.

I would love to learn ARKit and create some sport games such as AR Basketball because I find them very interesting and fun.