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An iOS 10 Surprise Coming Tomorrow!

We’ve got a special iOS 10 surprise coming for you tomorrow to coincide with the release of iOS 10: Are there any sharp readers out there who can guess what it is? :] Check back on Tuesday to see what we’ve been cooking up — and make sure to come hungry!

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I’m guessing the iOS 10 Feast!

haha, could it be the annual feast? :3

iOS 10 Feast, OR iPhone7 new API (Haptic return and stuff) ?

The iOS 10 by Tutorial book, completed!

Next few chapters of “iOS 10 by tutorials” maybe? With some free chapters from the book?

I see a swift, a display, a microphone, some unknown object, and a pumpkin. What that all means I have not a clue.

It’s iOS10 Feast, no doubt!!!

iOS 10 Intermediate or Advanced ??

Releasing all materials/books with Swift 3 update I suppose

I am very hungry. Feed me more, feed me more, feed me more :slight_smile: :tangerine::banana::fries::cookie:

Unleash the BEAST… ehem ehem cough Sorry, FEAST!

iOS 10 games by tutorials

iOS 10 game、game、game.

I’m gonna go with the iOS 10 Feast!

I’m thinking a feast is due!