Amazon AWS crash course please

RayW team, I loved sampling the Firebase tutorial course for the Swift iOS app frontend. Brilliant and I’m going to use it for my app.

However I’d love it if we could have a similar one from AWS to sample the differences firsthand.

Best wishes… if wishes were horses…

Hi @abic80,
That is an amazing suggestion for a tutorial.



Thanks Jayant.

I never dreamed of doing a Backend. RW got me onto programming Swift. But then where’s the fun without a backend. So the firebase one opened up so many possibilities (for me being a noob). Would be sweet to have a similar easy 2-3 day tutorial for AWS. Though I do understand AWS can be a bit more challenging & complex. But the RW guys have been geniuses who have been creating digestible chunks of tech topics anyway.

Please please pretty please - RW.