Altering app_router.dart to allow for stacks of a single page type

I am curious how I would alter the app_router.dart file to allow for stacks of a single page type. When I try to just bring up a second instance of (for example) the grocery_item_screen.dart page it gives me the error that a “GlobalKey was used multiple times inside one widget’s child list”. How do I alter the GlobalKey to allow for a stack of the same page?

@abeswede i would add a new KEY parameter when you instantiate a new grocery_item_screen. Currently the key is hardcoded.

static MaterialPage page({
    GroceryItem? item,
    int index = -1,
    required Function(GroceryItem) onCreate,
    required Function(GroceryItem, int) onUpdate,
  }) {
    return MaterialPage(
      name: FooderlichPages.groceryItemDetails,
      key: ValueKey(FooderlichPages.groceryItemDetails),
      child: GroceryItemScreen(
        originalItem: item,
        index: index,
        onCreate: onCreate,
        onUpdate: onUpdate,

Might want to check the latest edition, which uses go_router 4