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Looking at the courses here I have the impression that this site focusses on iOS programming only…or maybe I missed something?

I am not only interested to learn more abou5 iOS and iPadOS programming but also in macOS and watchOS/tvOS as well…and wanted to be sure to get the right subscription as my personal xmas pres3nt (o;

thanks in advance

A book on macOS programming just came out recently, written by @Sarah - check it out! There are older videos on macOS programming but not a path, like the ones you see for iOS.

As someone who works primarily in macOS: so long as you’re using SwiftUI and are not doing complex OS-specific things, most of what you learn on iOS paths will be useful on macOS. Where it tends to differ in small ways are things like: available colors, button styles, features that are phone- or tablet-specific, etc.

Where it gets frustrating: trying to find an answer where macOS is different, particularly if you’re using the new app lifecycle and need to figure out where best to do things that iOS doesn’t do (e.g., opening a new window when a file is opened).

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