Advanced VR Interactions in Unity Tutorial |

Create advanced interactions and mechanics in your Unity VR app, including working with tooltips, joints, snapping and haptic feedback!

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Great content. Any tips and tricks on how to make this work with the HTC VIVE? I’m an absolute beginner in VR and am currently just beginning to work with the VIVE. If possible, a similar tutorial for the VIVE would be great, with haptic feedback, etc. via devices like Haption or Phantom Omni.


This tutorial is meant for the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift, so it should work as long as you download an older version of SteamVR (v1.2.3) and get VRTK from the asset store.
This tutorial is a small part of the full explanation from start to finish explained in our book, Unity AR & VR by Tutorials. Check it out if you want to take the deep dive and learn more about AR and VR.
If you want to start more slowly, I’d suggest taking a look at this HTC VIVE tutorial.

We’ll be focusing more on Unity XR in the future, so new tutorials will be more generic and compatible with more HMDs. I haven’t heard about the Haption & Phantom Omni before, so I’m intrigued, those look like very interesting input devices!


This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!