Advanced Swift 3 - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

In this video, learn what topics will be covered in the Advanced Swift 3 video course.

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This is an extremely relevant course. Only thing is that why staggered launch over three weeks instead of at one go.

Sorry guru. It is not something I control but I hope you enjoy the course.
On an unrelated side note, please make sure to check out the challenges. Even if you don’t actually do the challenges :scream::wink:, you should definitely check out the solutions. There is some additional material there that I just didn’t have time to talk about.

Thanks for your information will definitely check them.

Wher can I download the example code for this tutorial? When I download the course materials, all that exists is a pdf.

Hi Ray,
The Error Handling, Hashable Types (and may be more) videos are not loading. Can you please look into the issue?


None of the videos are loading :frowning:

Hi there,
Am i the only one facing problem with videos not loading.
I just bought the paid account and am unable to watch these videos, ironical.
Let me know if this issue is at ur end or mine.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I am sitting in a Starbucks and am able to view them from here.

Although I can see them from where I am here in California it seems like a couple of other people are reporting problems.

Hi. It looks like some other people are having a problem too. I can see them from my location in San Diego. Is it still not working for you? (I have let people know there might be some kind of issue.)

I just got in touch with someone. They said that they are aware there is a problem and actively working on a fix.

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Could be the location. I’m trying to watch from the UK. The introduction video is alright. But the others aren’t.

I just got word from Sam D. that there is some kind of issue and they are working on a fix.

@f​15handch​1p​5 I am watching it from New Delhi.
Same with me. The introduction video is playing fine but others aren’t.

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the problems you’ve been experiencing with this course. This was due to a CDN issue with our provider. They’re working on a fix for it, which should be deployed by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’ve just deployed a version of the site that should allow you to view videos again. It uses a fallback video player, which doesn’t have quite the same functionality that you’re used to, but it will at least allow you to watch videos again.

Once again, apologies for the the problems


Where I can find swift codable tutorial ?

@swifty Please check out our tutorial when you get a chance:

Thank you! :]

Is there any plan to update to Swift4?


Do you have plan to update latest Swift Version?

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