Advanced git book, problems following examples

I have clone the repository in my Mac doing:
git clone GitHub - raywenderlich/agit-materials: The projects and the materials that accompany the Advanced Git Book in a folder of my Mac , I have installed git version 2.30.1
In terminal I enter to the folder of this chapter and I do:
git log -5 --oneline
The result of commits is very different of the book, I don’t refer to hashes, the descriptions are also different:
In the book:

f8098fa (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Merge branch 'clickbait' with changes from crispy8888/clickbait
d83ab2b (crispy8888/clickbait, clickbait) Ticked off the last item added
5415c13 More clickbait ideas
fed347d (from-crispy8888) Merge branch 'master' of
ace7251 Adding debugging book idea

And when I do in my terminal:
5e2140a (HEAD → editions/1.0, origin/editions/1.0, origin/HEAD) Updates content to match book

adbfb15 File renamed for chapter renumbering

47b94e6 Merge pull request #1 from raywenderlich/edith-updates

9647f2f Updating date and link to reflect release

7f232dd Add initial materials


I have to do :q to go back to terminal prompt and as you can see is very different. What must I do to have the commits of the book?

After that I have followed to go to the objects folder inside .git folder and when I list the content of object folder I only have the folders info and pack

I don’t know if the GitHub content has been changed and is not updated with the book or if I am doing something wrong, please I would need some help.

Greetings and thanks in advance,


Hi @faabalia,

Sorry about the late response on this.

The chapter doesn’t actually use the agit-materials repository to go through the first chapter. The recommendation is to try the commands on any of your own repositories, and so the entries in git log won’t match either.

Regarding not seeing the subfolders in the object folder, you won’t see these in a newly cloned repository, the objects are already compressed, or “packed”. The second edition of the book will include this clarification.