Adding a Button in Chapter 1 causes wild UI rendering

I’m going through the book on Xcode Version 11.0 (11A420a), and everything renders fine until you add the button. Then the highest-level VStack becomes very short (as in, not much height) and the Colours compress. When I mouse-over the highest-level VStack, the little border that appears to denote its bounds reveals that it’s taking up around 30% of vertical space available.

It’s behaving as if there’s a Spacer underneath the last view. This is the case whether I put the Button over or below the Slider.

Adding a frame modifier to the highest-level VStack with a height value of 2-500 makes it look like there’s a Spacer on the top and 2 Spacers on the bottom.

Checked and re-checked the code 5x and it’s the same as in the book.

Anyone know what’s going on with this, and/or how to fix it? Tried everything on Stackoverflow and didn’t get any luck.

Update: Putting frame height on the Button helped; I used a value of 20-30 and now it basically looks the same as the book.

I added .layoutPriority(0.1) to the HStack group above the button so it would stretch first. This seems to have fixed it and it matches the layout shown in the book.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had to use your solution again since this initial post!

Glad it worked for you. Hopefully most example code will work without any extra fixes :slightly_smiling_face: