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Did anyone catch Apple’s Event this week? What did you think?

It’s best to make a new topic for discussion on items like that, people probably won’t see the post in here :]

Oh! Yeah good point. When the WWDC comes on, my husband and I treat it like the Super Bowl. I fix food and we plot down infant of the Apple TV. What is Dev Con like? Now that must be super cool to attend!

Hi , I just started to learn coding and i love the language Swift. also a great Thumbs up to Ray and this Website/Project for sharing knowledge. I think Discord is a great way to communicate and would love to See Ray on board in my newly created Discord Server, where people can instant chat / voice Chat and even live stream… if you consider joining ofcourse you would get an instant Administrator Role.
if you already have a discord server or make one on your own please tell me so i can join. thanks in advance and thanks for this great Website/project.

Hello every one. what going on