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I would really like to see more OSX tutorials for Swift. I have 3 iOS apps now on the app store and at least one of them would benefit from a similar OS X app. In two of my apps, I now use Dropbox to allow users to back up to and restore data from Dropbox thus allowing data exchange on multiple OS devices and users. It would be nice if I could extend this to create a similar app for the Mac that would allow for exchange of data between the desktop and mobile apps.

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I agree with you. Sadly, it looks like the macOS / OSX topic is now in Archive mode.

The MacOS tutorial does not appear to match the current version of Xcode. Needless to say this makes learning the Swift language and IDE considerably more difficult. Is there a new version of this tutorial available? If so, what is the URL. Thank you.

@forester The macOS posts have been moved to Archive. If all goes well, I’ll be updating them soon, and getting them out of that status!