About advanced SwiftUI

I just read your newsletter, this book will changed to "advanced SwiftUI "

my question is what is timeline we expect this happen? and what content changes will happen?

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Something fun about publishing is that our titles are often a work in progress! After some discussion, we’ve decided to keep the original title, “SwiftUI by Tutorials,” but we will be working to include more complex SwiftUI content, specifically helping readers to make the transition to SwiftUI. Our team is hard at work on the update now, and we’ll have more to share with you in the Fall. We hope you’ll let us know what you think once the third edition is released! Thank you!

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Honestly, couldn’t wait, as well as the “SwiftUI Apprentice”.

hi! SwiftUI Apprentice will be aimed at people who can code but who don’t know Swift — like web devs who use JS. It will contain a lot of Xcode and Swift basics.

SwiftUI by Tutorials is for iOS devs wanting to transition from UIKit to SwiftUI.

I’m a co-author for both books.