A better alternative to testflight and diawi for iOS Apps Wireless Installation direct from your dropbox account

Hi All,

I’ve created a mac application “AppBox (iOS Wireless Installation Tools)”. AppBox uses dropbox for wireless installation.

Give it a try here - GitHub - getappbox/AppBox-iOSAppsWirelessInstallation: AppBox is a tool for iOS developers to deploy Development, Ad-Hoc, and In-house (Enterprise) applications directly to the devices from your Dropbox account.

It’s better than diawi or others same service in terms of

  • Maximum Upload Size => Equal to your Dropbox account storage
  • Uploaded App Expiration => Until you delete from your Dropbox
  • Installations Per App => Unlimited
  • Auto E-Mail App Distribution Link
  • Auto Shutdown Mac after Distribution
  • Keep same link and install previous version with same link
  • Auto archive and upload (beta)

You can directly download it from here https://github.com/vineetchoudhary/AppBox-iOSAppsWirelessInstallation/releases/download/0.9.7/AppBox.app.zip

Please give it a try and leave your feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:




Download latest version from here - tryappbox.com/download

I just found this online service https://installonair.com and working great for me. I thought should reply here if some iOS or Android developers would like to try for iOS app distribution or android app distribution.

Try Flybuilds which is the fastest way for developers to share their mobile apps through their personal cloud. https://www.flybuilds.com/

Try https://appforshare.io, its not only totally free but has great benifits and new features if you register there