8Bricks : My New Game Based on '3D Apple Games By Tutorials'

Move the Paddle left or right to hit the bouncing Ball towards the walls of Bricks and score a Brick Hit (the Brick disppears, but re-appears after 1 minute!). But, you must avoid the Ball falling below the Paddle and bouncing off the Bottom Barrier, which removes a Heart from your Level Lives. When all Lives are lost, Game Over!

Beat the Best Score within the defined Lives and Ball Speed per game.

8Bricks starts at the easiest/slowest Level 1 (of 8). However, when you exit the game at a specific level, then the same level is presented when you re-launch the game again. You can also set a Game Launch Level in Settings (then exit game and re-launch).

8Bricks levels have pre-defined Lives and maximum Ball Speed per level. In Settings: Game Custom Parameters, you can Set your own Max Lives (from 1 to 9) and Max Ball Speed Time (from 3.0 to 9.0 seconds), which will apply to all levels when a new level is launched (not the level displayed before the parameters are set). You can always return and Cancel the custom parameters, which will restore the defaults Max Lives and Max Ball Speed per level.

Game Bricks and Other (Paddle, Barrier, Game Over) sound effects have dedicated On/Off buttons at anytime during the game (bottom of screen buttons) and can also be set in Settings. When you tap/touch Settings icon, all music and sounds will be set to Off.

Game Score increases +1 for each Brick hit. The Game Lives decrease -1 for each Bottom Barrier hit.

Game Over when Lives = 0.

There are 8 levels. Each level has unique Max Lives and Max Spawn Time:

  1. Lives 6 Speed 3.0
  2. Lives 5 Speed 3.5
  3. Lives 4 Speed 4.0
  4. Lives 4 Speed 4.5
  5. Lives 3 Speed 5.0 (too fast for a few)
  6. Lives 3 Speed 5.5 (too fast for some)
  7. Lives 3 Speed 6.0 (too fast for many)
  8. Lives 2 Speed 7.0 (too fast for any, but Custom Parameters max is 9!)

Refresh shuffles the same level, Music/Sound On/Off switches game sound effects on or off (for more peaceful gameplay:), Level Up launches a higher level (up to 8, the rotates back to 1), Level Down launches a lower level set (down to 1, the rotates back to 8) and Settings shows ‘Game Launch Level’,‘Game Sounds’,’Game Custom Parameters’,’App Info’,‘Credits’ and ‘8Apps & 8Games’.

Level shows the level number (white). When Custom Parameters are Set, Level label disappears.

Explore, Enjoy!

@mazen_kilani Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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