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40 Secrets to Making Money with In-App Purchases

Learn 40 battle-proven secrets that will help you earn more money with in-app purchases in your apps!

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This is a super article! Every day, it seems, I discover an entirely new mountain, in the mountain range that is the app building process. I’m pretty sure i’m at the foothills of the himalayas…

Has there been an update? this one seems to be from 2012 and discusses iOS 6. I’d love to see how things have changed… and what replaces the recommendations such as clutch.io, which appears to be long gone…

and have the best practices changed since 4 years ago? just curious what your latest take on this whole thing would be.

Great post!

I really like limited-time offer (#18) and it works very well every time. Another great point is the psychology of color (#21). My experience is green button always has a better click rate than the other colors.

To dkliman, I think one of the key recent developments of IAP is the use of Gacha. It originates from Japan. Game developers make so much money from it and the Japanese government has to impose regulations to control it. Now, gacha mechanic is being used around the world.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome content. In fact, I like this post so much that I’ve included it in my post about app seo. I hope the readers here can get a kick out of it :slight_smile:

Either way, keep up the great work!

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