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Hi Jessy
In lessons 9-16, you added the Add button and the Delete button, with corresponding views.
I observe a slight misbehavior, and I found a workaround.
Misbehavior: after I Add a task, clicking again on Add button produces no effect.
Workaround: click on Edit, then Done: now the Add button is useable again.
Fix in code: I failed to find one.
Note: I observe the same misbehaviour in the final project (End).
Any suggestions?

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Not yet, sorry!

Here’s a link to my previous responses about it:

I really liked this series. The way you described each small little detail including the keyboard shortcuts made the series very easy for me to follow and digest.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! :smiley_cat: When I make a course, I try to make the one that I’d want to have had myself, before I knew the material.

I think my follow-up, Layout in iOS, will be available tomorrow. Hopefully it will be up your alley as well.