Your First Swift 4 & iOS 11 App - Part 41: | Ray Wenderlich

In this challenge, you'll get practice with styling your apps by improving the look of the About screen.

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Thanks for updating this tutorial. I was skimming through for practice. One thing I noticed in main view controller is “Safe Area” which was not there while Ray was demonstrating. Does anyone know how to disable that ? I just adjusted the background image size for now to fix the issue.

The “Safe Area” represents the area on the screen that you’ll definitely be able to tap (in contrast to the “View” which is the entire size of the view controller).

In this case you want the background image to be tied to the view rather than the safe area. To fix this, when making the constraints, click the down arrow dropdown next to each of the four boxes, and make sure “View” is checked rather than Safe Area, like this:


I’ll update the video to show this at some point.

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