Your First Swift 4 & iOS 11 App - Part 3: Section | Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to add a button to the app and connect it to some Swift 4 code that prints a message to the console.

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In this section, when connecting the Hit Me! button to the showAlert() function, you said to drag the Hit Me! up to the View Controller. When I do this, nothing happens. Help??

If nothing shows up when you drag from a button up to the view controller, that usually means Xcode can’t find any methods in the view controller marked with @IBAction.

The way to fix it is to double check that an action method exists in your view controller, like the video shows how to make at 4:30. If that still doesn’t work, try comparing your project to the solution. I hope that helps!

i think you need to press control then drag the hit me to view controller.

This is probably a rookie question. After you create the “Hit Me” button in the view controller, in the video ray says run and it pops up on the iPhone to the right. I am confused right here, what exactly do I do to complete this task of having the “Hit Me” button pop up on the iPhone. I’ve watched the video over and over.

Thanks in advance.

@sspencervt Just hit the “play” button in the upper left of Xcode - it looks like a triangle.

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