Your First Swift 4 & iOS 11 App - Part 1: Section | Ray Wenderlich

Learn about the first app you'll build - a simple but fun game called Bull's Eye - and get a preview of all the things you'll learn throughout this section.

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Hi, this course and programming in swift course doesn’t show subtitles.
I’m waiting~ subtitles. I need subtitles, please. ^^;

We’re working on it! :]

@rwenderlich Thanks, I’ll be there continuously. :wink:

@klarheit Sorry for the delay! Subtitles are up now for this course.


You are a rockstar. I have spent hours learning HTML, CSS, tiny bit of JavaScript, and Python all from different channels. CodeAcademy, FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, YouTube and Books. I love your style of explanation and most importantly your understanding that being hands on is the most important thing. Looking forward to continuing my Swift and Xcode journey with you. Your subscription is worth every cent.


@mockeration Wow, thank you so much for your kind post, this made my day! I’m so happy to enjoy you’re enjoying the tutorials, especially the hands on aspect - I also personally find that I can only learn if I do things myself.

Thanks for subscribing to our site and helping to make everything we do possible! :]

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I’m loving the course. I’m to the point where I “download the image files” but they don’t seem to be included with the download “link” below the video. The only thing that is in the .ZIP file when I download it are the first few slides from the first lesson of the course. I’m clearly missing something here? Where do I get the image files?

Found it! Clearly clicking in the wrong area.
Thanks for the course.

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Could not find the images needed for this course in the download matierials. eventually found the images needed at but don’t think someone taking the course should have to hunt for the assets needed for the course. Please let me know if they are available in the current course and that I just did not find them. Thanks.

We have an updated version of the course here that we recommend people use instead:

Ray, I have a question about this course, how do I skip a line when I am inserting information inside a TextView?

I usually edit text in another text editor (like Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code) and then paste it into IB when I’m done.

Got it Master. thank you very much for your guidance. :wink:

Are we able to use the sample applications on our portfolio pages?

@web_dev Yes you are! :]

Hey guys

i have problem with inputting a function into the alert, and what command can check the difference between two numbers. Can someone help me?