Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch, Episode 5: SwiftUI View Modifiers |

Learn how you can use SwiftUI View Modifiers like shadow, corner radius, or border to modify the style of your views.

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@7:50 I can’t see anything circled

Tip: You can use the shortcut cmd + shift + L to open the library :slight_smile:

Kindly update the link to the Apple Developers page.

Apple has redesigned their Human Interface Guidelines.
The new link for typography is

10:21 In iOS 16 and Xcode 14 .kerning is now working on any View and TextView :slight_smile:

Same with me …no error, I moved it up and down top to bottom of that stack and no errors

didnt see anything circled either… Does anyone from Kodeco read these comments?