Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch, Episode 18: Create a Model |

Create a basic data model for Bull’s Eye, that stores the target, current round and total score.

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hey there! i got stuck on a section with .plist file. my xcode is not like the one you show in the video: for example, i do not have the .plist file at all, but i have two additional folders “bullseyeTests” and “bullseyeUITests” that seem to be auto-created - and you do not have in your xcode. so when i first try to build the app, i get the same error, but i do not know where to find the .plist file since i did not have it from the very beginning :(( google says it is like that in newer versions of xcode, however i did not manage to find any solution. the search on my mac found only anaconda .plist files for python packages.

and now everytime i press cmd + r my buid fales, so i cannot see what is going on on a visual level. could you help me?