Your First iOS App - Part 27: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

It's time for an even bigger challenge: modifying Bull's Eye to keep track and report the current round of the game.

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I couldn’t solve the previous
though!!! lol, anyway, your classes are really cool.

@alsoffimustafa Please let me know what issues do you have with the challenge when you get a chance. Thank you!

This screenshot is for adding-polish lesson. I didn’t know that I could’ve used if-statement the way he used it when added 50 points. Not to mention many challenges I couldn’t pass for some reason, I often find myself surprised by a new thing in every solution, but I did well with 3 challenges. Should I use google for solving these challenges or am I supposed to keep trying? Thank Mr. @shogunkaramazov for taking the time to read my comment.

I’m still following your classes, guys.

I reversed where I put the roundLabel.text = String(roundCounter) and roundCounter += 1. I got the same result. Is there any reason I would put it in one rather than the other? Thanks!