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I am a total beginner (in programming & ios-programming). I followed your guide vary carefully, but in my version the score and round are now updated when I press the button a second time.
So I press 鈥淗it me鈥 the 1st time, I get the pop up alert, click OK, still round 1 and 0 score, then I press 鈥淗it me鈥 again and I see round 2 and my score. What could be the reason for this?
I already downloaded the material for this video and our code is exactly the same.
Don鈥檛 know what to do. Using Xcode 10.1

Keep up the good work!

@s1mme Does this happen for you in the original version too?

thanks for your reply. But what do you mean by 鈥渙riginal version鈥?
I followed the guide completely, so there is no difference in 鈥渕y version鈥 and the 鈥渧ideo version鈥.