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There is no Embed in Button option when I right click on the Text Label. Any suggestions?

@weshaus I just tried this in Xcode 11.1 and I can verify this option no longer exists (no idea why it was taken out). I guess you’ll have to type the code manually instead, or just add a button in and put the same text. I’ve added an author note on the video about this for anyone else who comes across this.

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile: Great videos!

@weshaus Really glad you like them! Cheers! :]

I also noticed “Embed Button” was missing. So, I placed my cursor just after the first bracket in the new “HStack”. I then clicked the “+” button or “Library” and then double clicked on a button control. That embedded a button, within my “HStack” view with the Text(“Button”), which I then changed to “Start Over”.

You can drag the button but it was easier just to double click and embed the button. Just
make sure your cursor is inside the “HStack” view brackets before clicking on the button control.

That’s unfortunate that they removed that function.

@elearner Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated! :]