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.lineLimit(Int.max) works for me.

@javiercalderon Really glad it works! :]

I tested this with Xcode 11.1, and it looks like .lineLimit(nil) once again works properly for the about page.

I’ve added some author notes about that on the video here:

Text wraparound works if I add .multilineTextAlignment(.leading)

If I tap the Info button again after returning from the About Page, it does nothing…


My bad.

It works as expected on actual device. Probably a bug in Simulator.

LineLimit() works for me.

@eolimpie Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated!

@cparker101 Really glad you fixed it! Cheers! :]

@manali_rami Thanks for sharing!

.mutilineTextAlignment(.center) worked for me.

Apple’s Documentation says - " Use multilineTextAlignment(_:) to select an alignment for all of the text in this view or view hierarchy."

Hello! I accidentally deleted the AppIcon file. How can I restore the file?