Xcode Tips and Tricks - Part 7: Breakpoints | Ray Wenderlich

Go beyond debugging basics using breakpoints. Find out how to use exception breakpoints to your advantage.

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Excellent, helpful course. Thank you Caroline.

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nice tutorial, just one minor remark I noticed:
in my opinion (lldb) command ‘po’ doesn’t stand for ‘print out’ but for ‘print object’.
actually an alias for the expression: e -O –

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@dnyle Thank you for the correction!

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Thanks , I will have to use your tips now. You didn’t explain the dragging of the stack location at the current breakpoint when stopped there. I saw you drag the right icon around.

I may have to get the book you recommended on debugging. I do not care to learn Python however.

Why does the pointer based display of the variables value seem kinda slow or buggy ? It works great in IntelliJ.

@caroline Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Sorry! I hope you managed to understand what was happening.

I can’t really comment on the performance of Xcode or defend it! It’s the best we have, and it does have some great features.

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