Xcode provisioning with free account stopped working on new apps after password change

I’ve been using Xcode 7.2 and was able to run my apps on my test device. I changed the password for my Apple ID and now apps don’t run on the test devices.

So it give me an error when I try and run on the device:
The message comes up as an Xcode error:
Failed to code sign “app name
No provisioning profiles matching the bundle identifier “com._____.appname” were found.
Xcode can attempt to fix this issue.

Next window:
To fix this issue, you need to add an Apple ID account that is enrolled in a Developer Program.

I click add and it brings me to Preferences->Accounts. There, I see the login and under Apple IDs, I see my account id. Down in the details box, it says:
“_my account
is Not on Any Development Teams

I’ve logged into the Apple Dev site several times and my name is there, the account is active.

I can’t add teams, I can’t see any where on Apple’s site to fix this. I’ve logged in several times and it shows my account. In Xcode, I don’t have a line under build for provisioning. The older apps that run, show this provisioning line.

I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything, can’t figure this out.
Any help would be great, thanks. KarlJay.