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WWDC 2016 Initial Impressions

Check out a developer's initial impressions of the new announcements at WWDC 2016 so far!

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I’m interested about new Filesystem… Will I able to switch to it on my Macbook Pro without wiping all my data or buying expensive software to backup it somewhere in the meanwhile?

Too many nice things coming to detail them all out. Out of all the great stuff I am most eager to try out Xcode 8 later this summer. They really seem to have put some work into making it good.

The things that impressed me most are the Xcode new features and improvements, Widgets overhaul and last but not least the Apple File System. Can’t wait to end the semester exams and get my hands on all the new goodies :slight_smile:

Excited and like all the improvements except for the additions to the Messages. I don’t mind the text effects and the animated backgrounds but apps inside Messages? Before you know it, every company is gonna try to shoehorn their services/apps into Messages. Just like 90% of the watchOS apps. And not a fan of stickers too. Messages app was clean. Now it’s gonna look like a hybrid of Viber and Facebook Messenger. A hideous monstrosity.

Then again I’m not ditching WhatsApp for any of those newly added features so I guess I’m safe.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone have any idea when we can start submitting apps to iTunes connect and maybe test on TestFlight? Im trying to think back to how it worked last year but can’t quite remember. Im excited to play around with the new iMessage apps and test them out with some other users. Do you think itll be after WWDC has ended, or after the official release sometime in September? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering the same thing so I dug up the following document: Latest News - Apple Developer

Added support for apps built with iOS 10 beta and tvOS 10 beta (internal testing only).

So it sounds to me like you can upload iOS 10 builds to iTunes Connect but only release via TestFlight to internal testers :frowning:

Hopefully we get to release to external testers before GM. It would make sense to me that they’d open it up as soon as public beta for iOS 10 goes out which is said to be in July.

I’m still awestruck by the implementations in SceneKit, especially Physically Based Rendering, and Camera Effects. This will make it so much easier, faster and better to make high quality appearance in games.