WoodPecker, a serial of handy tools that Xcode doesn't provides


WoodPecker is a mac app for iOS developer, it provides some useful tools for you:

Now it can helps you:

  • view, modify SandBox files;
  • monitor http(s) request;
  • run javascript code in webview online;
  • view, modify UserDefaults items;
  • real time screen preview;

The main idea of WoodPecker is providing a communication api between mac and app, that developers can transfer messages to each other, and even customize their tools.

Download: app store
Home Page: woodpeck.cn

Thanks for your support.:yum:

Hi @zhangxiaogang,
Congratulations, that looks like an app with a lot of potential.

A video that highlighted each feature would make it easy to comprehend the app better,



Thanks you!

With this app, developers could transfer any data in app’s to mac, and view these data in mac with predefined UI. it’s really useful in some situation.

more information about this app:
Home page: woodpeck.cn

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