WKWebview dismiss

Question on how to dismiss WKWebview?
working with WkWebview with my app. App Log in and Sign out is working fine so far. Now introduced new WKWebView to load portal from external website. With click on Done button on portal page, user navigate back to the page/app prior to load new webview. Now the issue is with Sign out. Sign out button always used to take the user back to initial Login screen. But now with new WKWebview, instead of login page, it is always going back to webview with portal loading page, which is not acceptable. Is there any way to kill/dismiss WKWebview, once I am done and moved out to new scene?

Hi @chakri,
It might help if you can explain better what you are trying to do, dismiss the WJWebView or go back to the login page?

Either ways the way to dismiss the WKWebview is to remove it from the superview.



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