Wireless Access point

So i have two questions,
Q1) Can i differentiate between two AP’s in my code by getting there BSSID or MAC Address? (the AP’s have the same name.)
Q2) Can i switch AP’s from within my code? (for e.g. when signal strength goes below 50% it switches to a different one.)

Hello @aliq52, you should be able to get the current WiFi BSSID from within your app, this Stack Overflow question has a lot of good info: ios - iPhone get SSID without private library - Stack Overflow

Be warned though, apple tried to remove the functionality in iOS 9 however were forced to add it back (but deprecated) due to lots of pressure from large developers. I would advice you to read up and be cautious in case they try to do something similar in the future.

For your second question, unfortunatly you will be unable to switch access point from within your code. You will just have to instruct the users to head to the Settings app and do it themselves.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanxx for the great and quick response. Clear my doubt perfectly at once!!


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