Will this get updated to Swift 3?

Will this book be updated for Swift 3/iOS10? Also the iPad Retina?

If we’re on schedule (I haven’t checked), then according to the iOS 10 Feast article, there should be a free update to this book coming this week. It’ll be called ‘2D Apple Games by Tutorials’, as we’re including watchOS this time.

I don’t know of any reason why the iPad Retina wouldn’t be supported by the existing or imminent content of the book. Are you having any difficulties with it?

Just got the book and took a quick look through it. Looks like y’all removed the section on GameplayKit (while adding all the other goodies) and somehow reduced the file size by over 100MB.

Can’t wait to read through it.

Figures the update gets released as I make this post.

I’ll have to run through it, what I meant by iPad Retina was iPad Pro my mistake.

The first chapter did not include icons for the iPad Pro, not to say it did not work on the Pro.

Side note: You guys are the absolute best to update our books continually. Thats why im a subscriber and thats why ill always stick with you guys, because you care!