Will there be future version with SwiftUI covering same concepts?

In last version I had impression based on last chapter (that was removed in 4th edition) that next version will cover all these advanced patterns in details for SwiftUI.

So since last chapter is removed and SwiftUI is not being mentioned anymore does it mean this book will not go in that direction?

Don’t get me wrong this book was really great for me, it’s just that I’d really appreciate having all those topics covered in depth for SwiftUI. Most SwiftUI app examples don’t cover advanced use cases with complex app state having lot of complex screens etc.

Even if not as part of this book I really hope you make something similar for SwiftUI.



This is super disappointing. It was promised from when I bought the book but nothing happened in 2 years. But honestly it looks like if you build an app with SwiftUI it makes the complete book obsolete.

@marct I don’t think whole book is obsolete, there are mvvm and redux for SwiftUI it’s all there scattered around various articles and sites but I would greatly appreciate book that covers all those concepts for SwiftUI.

TCA does something similar to elm and redux and it’s very good.

But still I was really hoping for more SwiftUI stuff in this book, since it’s one of the rare books to cover topics that are so important.

I personally do some kind of mvvm-c architecture in my SwiftUI apps

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Anyone from RW to help answer this? :slight_smile:

I would love to see an SwiftUI version for this book as well!

@jab2109 any feedback?

Just want to add, I just read latest version with Combine instead of RxSwift. Book is really good, maybe the best book I read about app architecture. If I have time I will try to adapt architecture from sample apps to work with SwiftUI myself.

I really recommend this book. I still hope you keep working on this book with new swift concurrency and latest SwiftUI, I’m pretty sure it would be most complete book about iOS app architecture online.

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I really hope the next version of this book can apply these patterns to swiftUI app examples.