Will the new server side swift books be available in printed (hard/paper)back format? (answered)

Will this book become available in printed hardback or paperback format?
I want to add both this and the new Kitura book to my bookshelf, but it’s hard to add a pdf to my shelf :smiley:

Another print lover! Server Side Swift with Kitura is available now in print: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1942878729/?tag=raywend-20

Server Side Swift with Vapor is out in first edition in print, and the second edition should be available in about a month. Thanks!

Thanks very much for this @chrisrazeware, looking forward to the 2nd edition of the Vapor book.

Who are these print versions maintained/produced by? It would be convenient if this site could link to where to purchase print versions, and I would feel safer knowing that my money is going to the right people when buying print books.

Hi again!

We produce and maintain all of our print versions ourselves and distribute them through Amazon.

Your idea for print links on all book pages is a good one, so I’ll log a feature request for that. Thanks!

Awesome! One more question if you dont mind:
Does this extend to amazon.co.uk? I am based in the UK, and there only seems to be 1(!) copy of the Kitura book available on amazon.co.uk

In fact looking at the other books on the UK amazon site shows all of those as only having 1 in stock. Great incentive to buy it now, but seems a bit odd that there is only 1 of each book in the catalog! :smiley:

Yeah the books are on UK Amazon as well. (I think the stock is due to the self-publishing platform but I could be completely wrong with that!)