Will the book go into more detail

The videos are amazing but I have so many questions but I don’t want to bombard you death haha, will the book be a wide scope…?
Is there a potential chapter list?

Thanks in advance

@izzywizz yes don’t worry the book will go into a load more detail! There is a potential chapter list on the book pre-order page (which if you’ve pre-ordered it you need to be not signed in for some reason to view it) here. Note that this is a bit out of date but it should give an overview. If you want to know any specifics, just ask! Also the best place to ask questions and get a load of responses is the Vapor Slack channel at https://vapor.team.

@0xtim hahaha that explains why I wasn’t able to view the chapter list, I was being punished for my zeal. Cool I’ll join the channel, thanks

In particular I’m wondering if there will be more in-depth coverage of REST. What’s in the book now is basically Ray’s video. I was kind of expecting the book to be more in-depth.


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@hcanfly was there anything in particular about REST you wanted to see? I’ll expand the REST section in the HTTP Basics chapter

Thanks for the early release of the book, it is amazing!
But I am for the expanding information about Async (Future/Promises). There is a good explanation in the Vapor’s docs but it will be good to see the more in-depth coverage of this in the book, may be it could be more examples of using map/flatmap to unwrap data. Now the “Working with futures” section takes only 1-1,5 page of the book and it isn’t enough to understand a key concept.

Thanks again!:slight_smile:

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Noted! Planning to add a number of extra examples and show how to deal with multiple futures etc in the next release

Cool! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was wondering how you would handle a REST URL for something like a file system browser (lots of other examples, but this is easiest to explain), where you have embedded collections that can contain both other collections and items. So, basically, being able to handle:
a) /gary/Documents/Work/Projects to get a list of projects (and maybe other directories) or,
b) /gary/Documents/Work/Projects/Oak/Specs.pdf

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry to take so long for my reply. I was gone.

That is kinda covered throughout the book, though not explicitly. In terms of REST if you were to send a request to /gary/Documents/Work/Projects/ you should only get a list of projects back, nothing else. That’s the same way that when you send a request to /api/acronyms you get a list of acronyms back. If you want more information about the acronym, you send a request to /api/acronyms/1 to get all the details and can then send requests to /api/acronyms/1/user or /api/acronyms/1/categories etc. Does that make sense?

Yep, I got that. I apologize for not having had the time to test this before asking the question. What I was wondering was if it extended to longer, or deeper, requests like /api/acronyms/1/categories, etc. And you answered that. Thank you. I"m going to start playing with that this week.

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