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Will raywenderlich.com Books Be Updated for Swift 3?

Many of you have been asking, “Will you be updating your current books for Swift 3, Xcode 8, and iOS 10?” The short answer is: “Yes!” And even better – we will be releasing these as free updates for existing PDF customers. Here’s the full list of books we’ll be updating for Swift 3 this […]

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That’s awesome. Thank you for all the effort put into these books. I have had the Core Data book for almost 2 years and the amount of work put into just updates alone is worth more then the price I paid for it.

Ray and team ! thou art the awesomest !!

This is fantastic news!

Thank you Ray and team! I look forward to the updates.

that’s great! THANK YOU!

That’s great, because I will renew my subscription for next year right away.

you are the biggest

Great news, thank you.
When will you release the first macOS book? :slight_smile:

I hope that the iBook format, instead of PDF, will be considered.

Awesome! Looking forward to the updates. Thanks!

what about watch os2 book will that be updated to os3 ?

Yes, watchOS 2 by Tutorials will be updated for watchOS 3! :]