Widget inspector showing too many details


my Flutter Widget Inspector is showing an extremely detailed widget tree, with lots of apparently internal objects.
For example, when i nest a Scaffold in the MaterialApp Widget, i would expect to see just those two, but instead my widget tree looks like this:

And the tree goes on and on.

Does somebody know, what could cause this? I found no related settings, even after a web search.

Hi @derb123 you should be able to use the select widget mode to select a specific widget you would like to look into.

Unfortunately i don’t think you can hide the internal objects except for collapsing tree hierarchy .

Hi jomoka,
thanks for your answer. I know about the select widget mode.

But there is certainly something wrong.
Here is a screenshot of a simple app containing only a scaffold, along with the Widget tree, the inspector is presenting me.
This can’t be normal and also according to the Flutter Apprentice book it shouldn’t look like that.


I found the cause of this issue.

The path for all my projects contained the letter ‘#’.
After renaming the containing folder from #CODING to CODING, everything works as expected.

Another symptom was, that the code execution did not stop at breakpoints in VsCode.