Why people tend to prefer Android more often than iOS devices?

In my opinion, Android as an Operating system offers more features than iOS. No doubt that iOS devices are seamless but people love features, and Android devices serve them that. What do you think about this?

@aanchalkaura Thanks very much for your question!

It definitely is one that many people ask. Speaking as an iOS developer and an Apple fanboy, I will say this:

  1. I view my device(s) the same as I view my car or buying a car. My primary concern is reliability. How long will it last? How often will I have to make repairs, and upgrades? My iOS devices offer that.

  2. Moreover, the entire Apple ecosystem work as you put it: seamlessly. What does that mean exactly? My macbook pro instantly recognizes my device when I plug it in to charge. Right away I can transport images and videos from my phone to my macbook. In addition, as a developer, I can right away use my tools as a developer to build apps, and right away test them on my device. Apple makes both the hardware and the software, and taken additional steps to ensure that my experience is fluid. We developers notice this, and appreciate this. Apple essentially defined, and set the standard for what precisely is good UI.

  3. The “closed” environment that Apple provides actually does work for most users. This “closed” environment actually prevents majority of virus’ that attack apps, and also ensures apps that don’t meet Apple’s strict guidelines don’t make it into Apple’s App Store. This saves the end user a tremendous amount of grief, and frustration.

  4. Apple makes hand over fist, significantly more than Google and Amazon off of its apps. Why? To me, there can only be two possible explanations: a. Users are very loyal to their iOS devices or b. There are better tools for developers to make apps. I would like to think it’s both.

This is just a start, but I will say that at the end of the day, because Apple makes the software as well as the hardware for the end user, they do go above and beyond most if not all companies to ensure that the experience of the user with their device is an emotionally positive one. :slight_smile:

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Thank You Syedfa for your opinion.

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