Why don't we build example apps using MVVM?

It would be great to show the usage and power of MVVM by practicing it while working on these tutorials

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@dnesh Thanks very much for your question!

You raise an interesting point, and we do cover MVVM in one of our video courses which you can find here.

I will say that because Apple recommends the MVC pattern when building iOS apps, the default approach to teach iOS development would naturally be to use MVC. The other issue is that because many people do not use it (and in some case, are not fans of it), unfortunately they may not want to use this method for teaching.

Another concern of course is that by using this pattern, some beginners may get confused, since now they are learning how to use the MVVM pattern, in addition to whatever concept the tutorial is trying to teach.

Perhaps in the near future, some authors may consider using both approaches to demonstrate the advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other. Let’s see what happens. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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