Why does the main queue not run until the end in playground?

At the end of this video https://www.raywenderlich.com/3648-ios-concurrency-with-gcd-and-operations/lessons/2 Audrey Tam doesn’t explain why the main queue doesn’t run until the default queue finishes running. Would someone explain why it does that?

Hi @brower,
Around the 20:00 mark Audrey did mention the basic difference of how the queues are different between Apps and Playgrounds, where the Apps UI runs on the Main Queue where as the Playgrounds run on the default global queue.

Hi @audrey , I can try to respond to this query, but would you want to try to provide a detailed response to this query?



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thanks @jayantvarma!

hi @brower: I think it’s because the playground spawns a thread for the main queue, and doesn’t have to do this for the default queue. Sort of what you’d expect to happen in an app, but the other way around: the main queue would finish its task before the default queue, because the main queue is already running.

sorry for the delay in answering — I get an email when there’s a question on the video’s forum, but not from this forum.

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