Who Loves PDF Books? We Do — Again! | raywenderlich.com

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened: we’re bringing back the PDF format for all single books you purchase from us! See how we plan to do this, and more.

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Baby steps, I suppose. You’re going to make PDF’s available… of “purchased” books.

But if I have a subscription plan I can’t purchase a book, so I can’t download a PDF (or an ePub, which is what I really want.)

Started reading your new App Distribution book but gave up with your Safari-only reading experience. Again, I need to seriously reconsider my subscription plan.

hi Michael! have you tried the Access other versions and formats link for a book? There should be an epub download link there.

I’m a team member so might get different options than non-members. Let me know if it works for you?

update: I just saw this

An Ultimate Subscription, however, does not give you access to the ePUB version of the book.

Anything I purchased prior to subscribing I can get. But the store doesn’t allow subscribers to download anything new, nor, for that matter, can subscribers even purchase a book so they can download it.

My primary mode of consumption is reading ebooks on iPad. And RW took that away for subscribers…

THANK YOU! This 100% makes me happy. :smiley:

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Hi @hmlongvo,

Thanks for your message. You’re right, subscribers cannot download the books to read offline, and currently the option to purchase a book is not visible for subscribers.

However, if you’d like to purchase a book, you can email us at support@razeware.com with the name of the book you’d like and we can sort this out for you no problem by creating a custom order for you.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need :]

Reading with a browser is terrible compared to PDF

Thank you for making PDFs available again for those who bought your books.

I have an impression that the problem here was that there were no communication from you to the raywenderlich.com readers (or I missed that) - why did you decide to remove PDFs that were here for years.

Now I understand that you wanted to find something that allows to provide books in the subscription, but on the other hand, something that protects your rights and your money.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how it works, so I can’t tell whether there is any way to provide downloadable versions to subscribers.

Ultimately, as books owner I’m happy that I will be able to read in PDFs as before.