Which book I should start with after I finished Swift apprentice?

I would like dig deeper , and i believe that Swift Apprentice was a great start, But i saw many books on your website like UIKit apprentice , SwiftUI apprentice , and App Design apprentice and kinda confused
can u help me please ?

What are your plans for iOS development? getting a job maintaining an (older) application? games / AR? machine learning? indie development? This will guide you next.

With you just completing Swift Apprentice, I suggest you follow up with learning SwiftUI or UIKit. The more often you encounter swift now, the better your knowledge of it will be in the long run.

As mentioned by @robertomachorro, what book to read next depends on your goal and preferred programming style. If you wish to join a developer team, I suggest you research what toolkit they’re predominately using. I just used Indeed for London, and there are currently twice as many positions advertised for SwiftUI than for UIKit

App Apprentice is a great book to have on your reading list to become a well-rounded dev/designer :mechanical_arm:


Using Indeed was genius! Great job on the market research :smile:

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