Where can I find diagrams for UIKit object/method interactions

Below is an example diagram from iOS apprentice. I find these diagrams extremely valuable for understanding the interaction between the user and the screen and the UIKit objects. Where can I find more like this? In particular I would love to see diagrams showing the sequence of events for tapping on a table row, or anything related to the navigation controllers, segues, app initialization, app background, notifications, etc.

@mchartier Thanks very much for your question!

Diagrams that are like this are referred to as “swim lanes”, since they resemble the distinct regions of a pool in a competitive race. :slight_smile: These diagrams are quite common in software development including iOS, to show the order of steps that are taken to process code sequentially in an app.

Aside from going through our tutorials in video, books, and articles, I honestly wouldn’t know where such diagrams specifically for iOS are adopted. Unfortunately the use of such diagrams are at the discretion of the author, so some do, and some don’t. :frowning:

It’s good that you’ve made your sentiments known, as this feedback is very valuable for future books, article, and video productions.

Thanks very much for your feedback, and I apologize for not being of much more help.

All the best!