Where are the resource and code files for the sixth addition?

Not sure if I missed a link in the book for there was suppose to be something with the book?

Any help appreciated.


If I remember correctly there were three choices for the download: pdf, epub, all. I chose all, and when I unzipped the file there was a directory:


which contained a subdirectory for each of the four apps, along with the epub and pdf versions of the book.

Please download the source code from the book’s page on the online store:


Thank you! :]

I must be dense but I bought the paperback book new on amazon and looked at your link but can only buy the book again. Am I missing something?

That particular scenario might have been overlooked. I will verify with somebody who can answer this question better than I can and get back to you. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

It appears that we’ve missed the page with the source code link in the print version of the book. Sorry about that. You should be able to download the source code via the following link:

Thank you so much. Now I can finish my bullseye app since I have no artist abilities :wink: