When will the mess with chapters 6 - 8 be resolved?

Its been. few months now and I see there is still no update to this book that resolves the mess that is chapters 6 to 8?

I’ve had to stop reading the book because of this. :confused:

Hello, @tanderza! Thank you for reaching out about this. I’m Manda, the Managing Editor of the book. We are working on an update and hope to have it released this coming Spring. The team is working hard to address these issues and others that people have raised. As you know, SUI was quite new at the time of writing and the team continues to work to learn and write about it. Since you’ve bought the book, we’ll be sending you an email once the update is ready. Thank you again for your patience and we apologize for any issues this may have caused you.


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Hi @mandafrederick

Thank you for your candid response, it’s appreciated. I guess my frustration has mostly been around the lack of communication regarding the ETA for the update on this book. I can appreciate the amount of work it takes and even more so, given the volatility and speed of development with SwiftUI; keep on top of it is not easy.

In any case, I look forward to receiving the update in the spring.


@tanderza - That’s great feedback about more pre-emptive communication on books we know we’re having ongoing issues with. It’s something we can definitely think about moving forward. Thanks, again, for being a reader and please let us know how the team did once you’ve had a chance to read the update in the Spring! Thank you!