When will SwiftUI Apprentice be updated to iOS 16?

The current book is for iOS 14, which is now 2 versions old. When can I expect an updated version? Does the current book still work for iOS 16?

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hi Marc, we’re working on it now, aiming for early next year. I think most of the 1st edition still works, but iOS 16 has some better/easier ways to do things, and Xcode 14 is also easier and more efficient.


Hi Audry,

Will the new version of the book contain a reference of what has changed, so that at that time I don’t have to read the book again?

I can’t wait until next year, so the current book will be my guidance now. I don’t want to risk to learn the wrong things. Or are these only minor things?

hi Marc, when we updated SwiftUI by Tutorials, a list of changes appeared somewhere, possibly in its forum.

When you start working through the current edition of SwiftUI Apprentice with Xcode 14, to interact with the preview, you’ll need to change the preview canvas mode from Live (the default) to Selectable (the next button, 2nd of the 4 in the bottom left). Also, there are now 4 zoom buttons (100% and to-fit) and 5 inspectors (a new Accessibility inspector).

Also, in Xcode 14, you can’t show Quick Help in the canvas, it only works in the code editor.

I’ll look at the git change log now to see what else might stump you…

  • Some toolbar buttons have moved.
  • To preview another device, the argument needs more than the string: PreviewDevice(rawValue: "iPhone 8")
  • The process to run your app on a phone has an extra security step, which requires restarting your phone: Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode.
  • Xcode 14’s library now has Symbols so, if you know roughly the name of the symbol, you can access it quickly here.
  • instead of ForEach(0 ..< Exercise.exercises.count), use ForEach(Exercise.exercises.indices, id: \.self) — if the range isn’t literal integers, you have to provide an id argument.

These should be enough to keep you going for the first several chapters, but ask here if you have any other problems.

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Thanks Audry, this helps.

I don’t mind to do a little bit of research here and there (eg. for Xcode UI changes). As long as I can effectively use the current book without too many roadblocks or deprecated code examples, I will be fine with it.

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Thank you for the earlier responses. Is there any other changes that you can let us know. I am eager to purchase but don’t want to spend that type of money and then haVe to re buy the book 3 months later.

Thank you in advance.

if you buy the book now, you’ll get the update (and all future updates) free when it’s ready